Cargo & Vessel Management Services

  • Best in class market research and analytics. 
  • Daily freight matrix for each commodity typical routes / cargoes taking into consideration both physical and financial market pricing. 
  • Compliance / vetting checks on vessels, owners, and managers
  • Rigorous risk management
  • Daily voyage performance reports
  • Assistance with cargo loading / stowage / discharge and claims, if any. 
  • Parceling and improved pricing options
  • Long term freight solutions providing reduced volatility at historical low points in the freight market cycle for cargo interests. 
  • Create value across the commodities through physical and financial trading
  • Offer a seamless Bill of Lading and complete logistical solution with an integrated transport service from point of origin to point of consumption. This can be a combination of waterborne, road, terminal and rail resources than enables the company to streamline the cargo client's supply chain. 

Brokerage Services

  • Tanker Chartering services
  • Dry Bulk Chartering services
  • Provide daily freight pricing matrix looking at both financial and physical markets.
  • Sale and Purchase brokerage services for maritime assets including pre purchase inspections.
  • Utilizing in house quantitative analysts we are able to clients with tailor made reports / market views across most major bulk commodities including freight to assist clients with their forward strategy reviews.    
  • Commercial Management services.
  • Advisory Services across a spectrum of global rail, barging, and ocean shipping transportation interests
  • Sourcing investment opportunities

Research & Consultancy

  • The company places tremendous importance on research and has invested in this area of maritime services as a separate division of the group. 
  • Management has backgrounds in various commodity trading companies and together with the use of the research division's quantitative analysts, we are able to exploit data on an unparalleled and competitive basis. 
  • Freight is not only a relationship business but today it has also evolved to be one that is also data driven with the help of existing technology and method being applied. 
  • Freight is famously volatile, fragmented, opaque, archaic and along way from Silicon Valley. 
  • Satellite imagery sheds light on upstream and downstream shipping demand in all major and minor bulk commodities. 
  • From the research will flow the market fundamentals that will then highlight market opportunities supported by the data. 

What We've Achieved