Cargo & Vessel Management


  • The Shipping team is not only able to offer the commodity desks with competitive freight from the market but as situations arise where it is necessary to lock down forward freight but avoid discussing with the market then the company can through it’s affiliate – Caledonia Shipping Co. LLC – provide freight coverage. Caledonia Shipping manages their freight positions with rigorous risk management which ensures reliable on-going performance.

  • Caledonia Shipping Co. LLC management enjoys tremendous trust with quality owners across the globe. Of particular note, management has concluded over 90 long term charters (5-7 years) with Japanese head owners and not defaulted nor renegotiated on any of those charters. 

  • In addition to the tremendous relationships enjoyed with owners, we enjoy tremendous access to major cargo interests on the back of our reliable and competitive performance. Third party cargo operating allows the company to triangulate trades and position tonnage into loading areas with a competitive advantage for our clients.

  • Caledonia Shipping follows the same fundamental research-driven trading in physical and financial markets based on global supply/demand fundamentals and market structures. The company is able to provide a trading business that can execute trades physically, financially or through asset investment supported by (a) best in class research analytics, (b) index beating operations and (c ) rigorous risk-management.

What We've Achieved